Tap out the beats per minute (bpm)

Pretty standard music feature for picking your tempo now included for the new version of Fragment Reality. Easy to program, there was space in the interface. – like it was meant to be there.

Now you can pick tempo by tapping twice (or as many times as you want), or selecting it from the selector list.

This, and a few new small features coming soon to the best AR Music game in Augmented Reality ­čÖé

tempo picker
Screen grab of the new tempo picker

Working on update 1

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played Fragment Reality over the last week!

As expected we’ve gotten some great feedback, and are making some small changes for the next release, hopefully out next week. This includes a much more integrated tutorial, something we should have known to put in.

It can sometimes be easy as a developer spending months in AR to forget that for many folks AR is still brand new! They need tutorials!

It became obvious as I was working on the Augmented Reality (AR) U2 Tutorial that they were needed, even though once you figure it out they are not (which also necessitates a way to turn them back on/off)

Have no fear, tutorials, and some small tweaks are all on the way!


Patiently waiting…

So for those of you following along, we’re still waiting for our app to get into the store, because of a small issue with pre-release and release and perhaps even a bug somewhere in the app store along the way… So whereas the website is named fragmented reality, the app will now be called fragment reality (the posthumous rationalization being that you “fragment reality” with the app, but “fragmented reality” is the the community and site that describes how to fragment reality

We’ve now had the app approved twice, and hoping that the third time is the charm… This time hopefully once approved you’ll be able to get it within 24 hours.

While we’re slightly frustrated at the delay, we think you’ll agree that if the world had to wait this long for Augmented Reality Instruments, a few more hours won’t hurt…


Get it now on the app store!

Super excited to hear back to day that our app is now ready for download.

Get the World’s First Augmented Reality Instrument App in the App Store.

We had a little scare after our initial app submission was rejected last night, but it was a nothing we couldn’t fix. It may take a few hours to actually be available for you to download. Happy Playing!

The turnaround at the app store review is now super fast. Less than a day. Way down from the week or two it was when we started making apps.


Augmented Reality Musical Fractals to come…

I just played a sone by painting around a few magical mathematical cubes in my living room. I thought I should share the cool cool news. Within a few days hopefully we can share some screenshots and videos to give you a sense of what painting with music in augmented reality looks like.

We have Menger Sponges, Jerusalem Crosses Sierpinski Pyramids and many more, each with marvellous mathematical features we are still exploring. Please stay tuned and follow us on twitter or sign up for more updates.

Welcome to Fragmented Reality

The latest artistic in augmented reality brings 3D fractals and other optical illusions into your living room. Using the latest tech from Apple’s ARKit, we blend augmented reality experiences with the trippy and weird world of fractals and higher dimensional math.

Stay tuned to this page for  updates, screenshots and more as we work on the coolest experience app for AR yet.