Playing Music in Augmented Reality requires instruments that an be seen and played from all sides. The beauty of fractals (among other things), is their ability to offer infinitely high resolution at any position, allowing instruments to fill the space in a natural, intuitive and fun way.

It’s kind of hard to understand what we’re talking bout from words alone, so we’ve built this site to help explain the fractals, instruments and basic theory in Fragmented Reality.

There are 8 types of fractals in the game. 4 cube, 1 Pyramid, and 3 fractals implemented as Lindenmayer systems (L – systems).

The Cubes offer basic instruments which can be edited, iterated to higher levels, cut away, and stacked.

The Sierpinski Pyramid is a classic fractal that serves a dual role in the app. It acts like the cubes, but  also acts as the basis for the drumkit.

The fractals implemented as L-systems are:

These fractals each generate sound in different ways, and all hand in your room like wind-chimes.

Check out the video below to see them in action.