Sierpinski Beat Box Pyramid

The first, non cube based fractal in Fragmented Reality is the Sierpinski Pyramid.

This shape can be used for any instrument, and creates a a 5 note chord with the root note repeating.

What’s real neat is using the 4 corners of the pyramid in 4/4 time signature music beats. Each corner represents one of 4 quarter notes (or 16th notes) ( or 64th notes)  within the beat, all in glorious 3D augmented reality.

Drum howto
Iterating a drum node into quarter notes

Check out the video below to see an earlier video of it in action (it now has hi-hat).


The challenge in building this awesome cube was balancing an elegant and simple user interface with enough power to build musical beats. The “tap tap tap” way of going through tones only works if the number of tones are small (which is why adding 3 toms and 3 crashes was ruled out for now). We added hit-hat so now there’s 4 beats (bass, snare, hithat and pause), and it’s really really fun to play and hear.