Solid Musical Cube

The basic building block , and the best place to start explaining things for your instruments is the solid musical cube.

A single cube, when subdivided in this way, creates 27 smaller cubes (with only the center one being hidden).

This means that the root note will appear in the Center of every side (as well as the very center), and the 3rd, and 5th notes above that note will occupy the sides and corners, as shown above. If we were using the key of C, and a root note of C we’d get a C Major Chord

To facilitate playing on all sides,  each face is tuned to the same notes when it is created.

Because Music and chords are all mathematical, you can create all the triad chords with this configuration, and indeed, you to make it easy just look for the  chord name in the note picker interface!

This means you can just pick the chords you want, without thinking too much about key and scale (unless you want to).